Privacy Policy​

This is the web site of GoldenHost

GoldenHost value the privacy of customers as well as individuals visiting our web site and also using of our services. All personal details are collected just in-order to provide services such as hosting services and technical support.

We have a privacy policy set that will outline all the details about the use of the information that we collect through various forms. The policy also cites the reasons for collecting the data and the process in which the data will be used.

There may arise situations where we will disclose the data to third-parties. All the situations are mentioned below, ensuring that you have the knowledge under which the data will be shared with any government or private institution.

From time to time, we modify the privacy policy to keep up with the latest legal norms. In such a case when there are changes made to the privacy policy, there will be a notice uploaded on the URL for the privacy policy.

This notice will also make an appearance on all our forums, apart from being displayed on our web site with the prime focus. It will also be present on our customer portal as well.

Information Collected

You should always be aware of the information that we are collecting. This includes all the data including the referral, browser, IP address, timestamp, and also operating system when you access GoldenHost or any web site that is owned by GoldenHost.

All the information that is so collected is used for secure logging & website data analytics. Sensitive data such as your email address will be provided only with your consent and will be done so by placing an order.

Use of Information

GoldenHost stores details such as the email addresses of the customer in-order to contact them about orders, technical support, invoices and order history & service announcements.

Sensitive data such as the payment information that is present on the credit and debit cards will be provided only for recurring billing. At Golden Host, we collect only the minimum required data in-order to fulfill an order and the rest of the data remains encrypted by our system.

We also collect personal info such as the customer’s IP address and also IP location. This is done to create a fraud profile of an account in-order to ensure if the order will be accepted.

For the technical support, we also collect information such as the email, domain-name, and other such information, which is collected by GoldenHost and provided to our technical support team through a ticket.

When the technical support ticket is marked as complete, we may also email you an additional survey which will ask you a series of questions to determine the quality of service and support.

This data that is collected will be covered under the technical support clause of the Terms of Use that are available on the customer’s portal that is provided to the customer’s when they open any support ticket.

Security of personal information

All connections to the GoldenHost website and customer’s portal that is encrypted through the SSL certificate.

All the data which is sent between the user and the server at GoldenHost’s ordering system is encrypted. However, this doesn’t ensure complete privacy as your ISP will still have access to your website browsing history.

All transactions that are submitted through the use of a credit card are encrypted. Thereby, when the details of the credit card are saved, they are encrypted long before they are stored within the internal database at GoldenHost.

GoldenHost’s customer’s portal system is additionally protected by firewall.

Third-party access

GoldenHost protects the personal information of customer’s. However, some data may be disclosed under the following special circumstances:

       If needed by the regulation due to court order.

       Details will be provided to GoldenHost employees to carry out regular tasks such as the requested billing or technical support as an example.

       All the domain names that are registered through the GoldenHost customer’s portal will collect and share personal information of the user such as their email, phone number and address. This is done to register a domain name.

       All the trusted 3rd parties that are connected with us are required for regular business activities such as processing of the transactions via credit card payments.

We make it a point that even in the special circumstances such as above, we share only the minimum amount of information of our customer’s with the third party. This data includes only that information without which the business could not be conducted normally.

Use of cookies uses cookies for the tracking of sessions throughout our website. Cookies are also made use of to track referral web links which may, in turn, be used to track 3rd party web pages that leads to a successful order of services. also uses 3rd parties in-order to show re targeted advertisements on 3rd party web sites.

 Data retention

The personal info is retained only under two circumstances

1. If the data is critical for the business or if the business solely depends on it.

2. Retention of payment information for Tax adherence.

User Control of Personal Information

Personal info can be controlled from GoldenHost’s customer’s portal at under the edit account details section. If you face any difficulties during this process, feel free to contact our support.

GoldenHost honors requests to remove personal data, consisting of content info to the extent permitted by regulation to GoldenHost’s own web sites. Please be aware this privacy policy just regulates GoldenHost owned web site & does not cover websites not owned by GoldenHost that might be with in GoldenHost’s network.