How to install Vim editor on CentOS-7?

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CentOS comes with vim-minimal preinstalled by default which lacks many features i.e. support for syntax highlighting and many other features.

First login on centOS as a root user.

Now check the currently installed version by running the given command at the command line and note down the list of enabled and disabled features.

# vi --version

You will have to install vim-enhanced to access all the features. This could be done by running commands on command line by following the given steps.

1.      Uninstall vim-minimal.
# yum remove -y vim-minimal

2.      Remember that when you remove vim it will also remove sudo. Must install sudo again.
# yum install -y sudo

3.      Install vim-enhanced and related dependencies.
# yum install –y vim-enhanced

After that check the vim --version again.

Note that the command is now vim instead of vi.

# vim –version

Now it will show you this screen.

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